Eric Fiedor & The American Steel Band


“Life’s All Right” - December 2013

After having the opportunity to work with Anthony Crawford once again and Mark Slaughter a few years back; I am releasing my 12th Album “Life’s All Right” with songs coming from both productions. Also, “Black Mercedes” is a co-cut with Jason Herndon which I am always blessed to work with-

Hope ya’ll enjoy!


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Southern Rockin' Country, Blues, Alternative, Roots Rock and Americana are all labels used to describe Eric Fiedor's music. After traveling as a child in different parts of the U.S. and the World, Eric's family settled in the Deep South where all of the soul of his music comes from. Playing in different bands from the late 70's thru the early 80's Eric's signature band was The American Steel Band- (together from 1987 to present in Nashville). The American Steel Band recorded eight albums, two of which made the list of top Independent Albums in Performing Songwriters Magazine.



Eric has worked with some incredible talent over the years in production and songwriting. Jay Davis (Rod Stewart, Mick Ronson of David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars), Anthony Crawford (Neil Young, Steve Winwood, Vince Gill, Blackhawks), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter), Jeff Finlin (Elizabethtown Soundtrack) , Carter Wood (George Strait), Danni Leigh, Jim Janosky(Guy Clark, Kathy Mattea, Jeff Carson), Peter Coleman(Blondie, AC/DC, The Knack, Pat Benatar, Rodney Crowell) and Emmy nominated producer Clyde Brooks (who produced Eric's album released in 2000 by Cal IV Entertainment).

Eric currently has 2 co-cuts: One with Pierce Pettis (Garth Brooks) on his State of Grace album "I've Got A Hope" (Compass Records) and the other from Mike Rayburn's Unstoppable album "I Kinda Like the Rain" (Dry River Records). The Fiedor/Pettis co-cut was later recorded by Dove Award winning artist Carolyn Arends on her album Polyanna's Attic which was nominated for a Juno Award.